Sun Environmental Remediation

Sun is able to utilize our staff and equipment to efficiently handle the remediation projects you might have.

Excavation & Site Restoration
We will carefully evaluate each project, paying special attention to potential risks, inherent dangers, and environmental risks associated with excavation.

Remediation Monitoring
Sun is able to monitor remediation sites, both long-term and short-term.  We may also monitor surface water runoff and groundwater, to prevent any further contamination.

Soil & Water Sampling
Need soil or water analyzed? Let us take a sample, and we can suggest proper procedures for clean-up.

Contaminated Soil Transportation & Disposal
Sun adheres to safety and environmental guidelines to excavate and transport contaminated soil to proper waste disposal facilities.

Demolition and Decontamination
Many demolition projects may require some form of decontamination.  Whether the project is of an emergency nature or scheduled during a shutdown, Sun delivers a complete range of services and trades necessary for the safe and timely completion of the project.

Emergency Spill Response
Rapid and professional assessments of the site on arrival, immediately followed by correct stabilization and clean-up procedures.  Sun follows strict safety protocol and focuses on getting spills cleaned up as quickly as possible.


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