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Tank Services

Oil/Water Separator Cleaning

Oil-water separators can be very expensive to reinstall, and if not properly maintained, they can lead to dangerous conditions and costly fines and violations. Sun provides a variety of services regarding these systems such as consulting, maintenance, inspections, oil collection, and cleaning.

Painting & Labeling

Sun professionally paints storage tanks to make them last longer and look better. We can also provide proper labeling of tanks to comply with regulations.

UST * AST Cleaning & Removal

UST’s (underground storage tanks) and AST’s (aboveground storage tanks) must be monitored and tested on a regular basis to prevent contamination in surrounding soil, water, and air. Sun has the required equipment and experienced team to excavate, clean, and dispose of unwanted tanks.

About Sun Environmental Corporation

Sun was incorporated in June of 2010 by co-founders James Hanmer and Matthew Notaro. Their combined experience exceeds forty years in the environmental industry, and the duo has worked together for nearly two decades.

The team at Sun has a passion for their work which surpasses most in the industry. Throughout the company history, their record for safety, quality, and service has made Sun Environmental Corporation a top competitor in New York.

The company is continuously expanding into new areas: completing projects often in the Central, Western, Southern, Northern, and Eastern regions. Wherever the company’s services are needed, we will go.

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